About AluConsult

AluConsult was founded by Anne Deacon Juhl on March 1, 1999 as an engeneering consulting company.

However her first assigment led to a three year job, as the Quality and Development Manager in one of the leading anodizing companies in Denmark.

In order to adhere to the mission of AluConsult, to be the best source of knowledge and partnership for the aluminum surface industry, Anne Deacon Juhl again turned full time in AluConsult on October 1, 2002.


The work since then has included exciting aluminum projects, participation in international networks and much work together with the companies in the aluminum industry - worldwide.

Anne Deacon Juhl is a Chemistry engineer and Ph.D from the Technical University of Denmark, where major studies were in Chemistry, light metals and surface treatment with main focus on anodizing and pulse anodizing.

Experience as consultant includes failure analysis of anodized aluminum, both Type I, II and III, manufaturing of aluminum, anodizing production line design and implementation, education and implementation of pulse anodizing, Quality Assurance (MIL) , safety and environmental management, work and replacement of chromic acid anodizing.

Workshops, courses and presentation throughout the world are also a core business to work towards AluConsult´s mission.

This is AluConsult

My Mission


AluConsult creates value for clients by pushing boundaries and setting ambitious goals for itself and for its clients.



AluConsult is a personally engaged and competent partner and advisor when it comes to the use of Aluminium and surface treatment of Aluminium.


Knowledge sharing 

AluConsult elevates surface treatment of Aluminium to a matter of knowledge. This is done through knowledge sharing, openess and networks.



AluConsult contributes to an increased use of Aluminimum by advancing knowledge about the properties of surface treatment of Aluminium in client companies and networks.


AluConsult offers an number of services, and has vast experience in numerous fields related to Aluminium.

Areas of expertise include surface treatment, hard coat anodizing, pulse anodizing, cast and extruded aluminium, corrosion, wear and metalurgy.


AluConsult will help in the development of new applications and processes when you want to introduce  new and groundbreaking uses of Aluminium in your products.



AluConsult offers assistance when testing Aluminium.

A number of advanced test labortories are used and test methods are carefully seleceted.

Test results are analyzed and explained.



AluConsult works independently and sees surface treatment from a standpoint of optimal solutions in the final product.



Anne Deacon Juhl

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