Anodizing School

Anodizing School

As a new service AluConsult has founded Anodizing school which will be a collection of online courses on aluminum surface treatment.

Learning online gives you the freedom to learn when you want, and at your own pace.

Once you've purchased a online course you will have the freedom to watch it over and over again.

This first and only online anodizing course will cover AluConsults 2-day aluminum surface treatment workshop, which prior only was available if you were attending The International Surface Treatment Academy (ISFA) touring US.

This online anodizing course - Anodizing A - Z - is designed to increase the knowledge and ability of anyone involved in operating an anodizing line. With an emphasis on qualtiy, the program takes the students though the entire porcess from beginning to end. Starting with the aluminum alloys commonly anodized, and going rith through to the final sealing processes.

Anodizing A - Z will provide students with a well rounded understanding of practical anodizing, supported by and expanded knowledge about the fundamentals of anodizing in sulfuric acid.

If you have questions about the online anodizing course or anything other related to aluminum anodizing you are always welcome to write an email to


Through my 25 years of working with aluminum, I have encountered many of the problems companies, small and large have had. It has put me in a unique position, where I can pass on knowledge and help even more companies discover the advantages of working with aluminum. 

My hope with this and upcoming courses is to make my experience available to everyone who wish to have it. Companies will hopefully use these courses to educate their management and employees, so that they can prevent or solve future or present challenges.


Dr. Anne Deacon Juhl is an industry leader and proffesional consultant to the aluminum and anodizing industry around the world.

She holds a PhD in advanced anodizing technology and has over 25 years of experience as an anodizing and aluminum consultant.  

She has written dozens of technical articles, authored a book on pulse anodzing, is a sitting member of the Aluminum Anodizers Councils (AAC) education committee and a professionel member of the International Hard Anodizing Association (IHAA), and gives frequent talks to aluminum and anodzing industry events around the world.


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