Aquire the right knowledge for your aluminum and aluminum surface treatment issues.

AluConsult has vast experience in all the technical aspects of surface treatment of aluminium, and offers the following services.:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Process development and optimization
  • Education
  • Test

Getting the specialized and focused advice you need, saves you time and money.

Your business is my business!

AluConsult has a wide range of competencies within aluminum related areas.

These include not only areas such as surface treatment, casting and extrusion, but also corrosion, wear, metallurgy and AM of aluminum.

A new aspect is the recycled (secondary) aluminum which needs to be handled with special care when manufactered and surface treated.

Knowledge - based  development

AluConsult has experience in developing new applications and processes for the groundbreaking use of aluminum.

New processes where aluminum has unique surface properties and expressions require constant updating with the lastest knowledge, as well as the use of different technical fields.

We gladly participate in the production of prototypes, where surface treatment is implemented in the early stage.

Unique solutions

AluConsult has many years of experience with surface treatment of aluminum.

AluConsult works independently and views surface treatment based on a desire for an optimal solution for the finished product.

AluConsult uses its large network to create unique surface solutions in close contact with the customer and subcontractor.

Test with perspective

AluConsult provides knowledge-based assistance when testing your aluminum product.

We work closely together with different test laboratories and give an independent view on the test results.

We provide comments and inputs to the test results so they are more than just numbers.

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